2013 "Honey" Conference



 I as well as the rest of the ministry we truly blessed on Friday.  I enjoyed the freedom of praising and worshiping God.  I had been dealing with some very specific things in my life that I was holding on to.  But, as the word went forth it really convicted me.  So, I just keep telling myself "it's a new day". ~Pamela Webster

PTL! My niece sowed seed and agreed with you for the 'double' and she got it TODAY!  ~Diane Stribling



This conference moved me so much. I felt the Holy Spirit move in every service. God spoke to me and confirmed things that He has been speaking to me about. I have clarity on my ministry for prodigal children, for the book I am writing and that my daughter will be radically saved.

You're message was over the top! The sound effects made it seem like we were in Heaven. I'm so thankful to be able to experience such a move of God. ~Gina

Well let me begin by sharing how God truly orders our very steps. At the ending of the first night, Pastor Darlene McCarty sent out a pledge to invite someone to be special guest for the next night. Well, I was driving home and got a message if there were any conferences coming up. I text my friend and she became so excited and wanted to participate because she feels a strong need to be in fellowship with God like never before. I invited her  and she came. She was so blessed and knew that the night God had designed just for her because she had been in a ministry operating as a team lead for 3 years BUT she was doing this not because of a passion for the ministry but because she was forced to do it. The Lord began to speak to her and now she feels so compelled to study and get in her word like never before. She compared how thirsty she was to a pitcher with a slight hole. Every time she put water in, it came out without hesitation. Her desire is to drink from the fountain that never runs dry and at the end of the service she was so thankful because she truly had a feast before the Lord and He filled her and gave her the desire to move on in her purpose. She knows there is a specific purpose for her life and waits in expectation for the revealing  of the promise made to her. By the way her name is Monica. I am so thankful that I was opened to hear and avail myself to the opportunity to not only help myself but offer assistance to a younger lady that I taught in Vacation Bible School. ~Yolanda Morris

The conference was a blessing to me. I have to say Martha blessed me most of all. I was not planning to attend Saturday morning because I had a pre existing appointment and I had already mentioned to Pam I only needed childcare for Thursday and Friday. She emailed me a few days after I mentioned the days I needed for childcare and asked if I need childcare for Saturday.  r some reason I decided I needed to be there after that. I am very happy I was there.   Darlene Bishop was also great.   Additionally, I enjoyed serving and being a part of the wonderful experience the women had.  Thanks!  ~Saleama Ruvalcaba

The presence of God was so strong on Beth Stephens I could hardly stand! Right before she got to me the Lord spoke to me and said, "Jesus is fixing to pass by you." She spoke a word to me that my pastor's wife had already spoken to me. She said you are about to come into a new season. I loved Martha too. What a blessing she is. Thanks for having such an awesome conference! You are such a blessing and the word you spoke was outstanding! I love and appreciate you, woman of God!  ~Diane Jackson

I think this one was the best one I've been too. BUT I may think that because of all I took home with me.

Thank you for your service to God and your love for us. ~Regina Adams

I so enjoyed the conference!!!  I knew that I would.  I came expecting God's move.  It just happened that I had been at work in Mississippi until 1:15 a.m. Thursday morning; rose up around 6:00; arrived at work by 7:00 and off to Cordova by 3:30 p.m. and for a moment fell asleep in the service.  It tore at my heart strings.  But God!  He made a way for me to get there and be a part of every service and prayer.  A beautiful mentee fed me lunch.  I even got in line for prayer for a Godly mate since I am a single widow lady.  I will let you know how God answers my needs.  I did not tell God what to do; I asked for His will in my life.  With much love, Eileen Richardson

Pastor Darlene,

It was such and uplifting experience, I wasn't able to attend the entire conference.  Only on Friday night, I brought a friend and we both enjoyed the fellowship, Paula white deliver a message from God that was so touching.  God touched my heart and made me realize that he is control no matter what your trial, circumstances are he is still in control just trust in him and he will never forsake you.  No problem is too big for him all you have to do is keep the faith.  One of my prayers during the week to God was to open the government up and allow people to go back to work because they have suffered enough.  The government is open and everybody's back praise God.  To god be the glory, I'm  a government worker however, I've been back to work but a lot of them were not blessed like me to go back but god step in and made a way.  Thank you for the Honey Conference so uplifting.... Terri Beulah


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