Baby Testimonies



I will be missing out on the 2014 conference due to I am 7 months pregnant with my first child at age 39.  I have come every year and have loved it.  I went up to get prayer for a barren womb last year.  My baby is due December 2014, my favorite season.   


We were able to adopt a drug baby.  He was addicted to heroin.  But praise the Lord he is drug free now!  2014

I stood in for my daughter who lived in Switzerland.  After her vacation in Memphis she got pregnant with a baby boy.  Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness.  ~Julita Tolinto 2014


The first conference I came to I went up for prayer for a barren womb.  I was b believing for a miracles.  Two years later I gave irth to my MIRACLE bay Lizzie Grace.  She will be 10 in November.  I stand in agreement with you for all the barren women.  When doctors say it is impossible...but with God...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! ~Angela Henderson

Kiawa had a miscarriage.  I stood in for her to get pregnant and picked a pink bootie. She's having a girl!  ~Pam


 Last year  I stood in for a girl who wa believing God for a little girl.  After 21 years Sara Elizabeth will be born in December 2014.  God is faithful.  ~Diane Jackson

Cassandra Skelton came to the Honey Conference in 2008 and had been trying to ge prefnant for 1 year.  She also requested prayer for another girl.  In 2 weeks my friend got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy.  I was prayed for on Oct 9th and was giving a pink basinet candle.I am now pregnant with a baby girl and due this month.  And the woman who prayed for her is also pregnant. 

My godmother registered me and her for the conference.  She knew I was trying to conceive.  From the moment I walked in the door I felt God's presence.  I came to the altar for a spiritual healing and of course a baby.  Each minister prayed for me and I felt the power of their prayers enter my body.  On good Friday I found out I was pregnant, can you believe it, right before Easter.  My baby was born in Dec 2006.  I just want to say thank you for giving women like me the opportunity to experience the power of the Lord.  ~Catasha Brown 

The doctor had prepared me for the fact that it may take me months to conceive or maybe not being able to conceive at all because I will 40.  I had in my mind that I had to be at the conference to make sue I got in line to be prayed for.  I even left a work conference to make sre I was there.  Thank you for doing your part in this world..and then some.  

I hat to have to miss this years conference but I'm caring for my 5 week old baby. ~Tena Bledsoe

My sister-in-law Brenda has had a miracle grandson and it is a miracle because her daughter-in-law could not have any children because of a sickness that she had and still has.  But she gave birth to a 9lb 12oz baby boy in August of 2008.  I appreciate all that every one at Cathedral of Praise does for the Lord and for all His children. ~Shirley Paisley

4 years ago I boght a baby bugy pin at the conference.  1 year later in August of 2008 we received a call about a new baby just born within the hour and was asked if we would foster him straight from the hospital.  We said yes and took his 1 year old brother as well.  

He was a drug baby and very sick and has had several surgeries and procedures. His brother is autitic but we love them anyway.

On May 21st 2010 we wee able to adopt both of these children and are so happy.  God always knows what He is doing.  ~Katie

I had been trying since 1993 to get pregnant.  I did not get saved until 1994.  So it was a total of 8 years that I was trying to get pregnant.  I was prayed for a barren womb and not only did God bless me with 1 baby but 2.  A boy and a girl. ~Stacey Sipes

At last year's conference you prayed for Melissa Kitchens.  She stood in for her daughter, Danielle Piper.  Danielle had been trying for 3 years to get pregnant.  Her baby boy is due January 30,2008. ~Landon Matthison

A friend came to the conference and stood in for m.  Abagael was forn 7-17-2002. 


Two of my three children were conceived from the conference prayer line.  Thank you for doing this conference.  I know it must be draining but for one life, one soul, one miracle, it's all worth it.  ~Dawn Myers

Last year I stood in for a girl who was believing God fo a littel girl.  Sara Elizabeth will be born in December 2014 after 21 years of praying & believing.  ~Diane


Pastor Darlene,

     I attended the Honey Conference last year with my church, and came forward for prayer over barren wombs.  I have had a total of 3 miscarriages with no medical reason for them.  In between the second and third, my husabnd and I had our daughter, now 7.  After the last miscarriage, I had no desire to try ever again.  I coudn't stand the heartache all over again.

     Fast forward to May 2010.  As I woke up one morning, God spoke to me and told me that I was in fact going to have another child!  Thrilled and excited, my husband & I said, "Okay, if this is what God wants, then so be it."  I got my doctor involved to start doing what he could to help the proces along, attended your confernce and was pray for.  The people prayed for me told me I was going to have a boy.

     By January 2011 I Still wasn't pregnant, and getting very discouraged.  I stoped all medication that was suppose to be helping me get pregnant, and said "forget it, if God really wants me pregnant, it's going to have to be a mircale!"  To my suprise, right before leaving on a trip in March, I took a random pregnancy test.  I was absolutely floored when that test showed positive!

     I am now 33 weeks pregnant, due November 18th, with our SON!  His name is Jacob Anthony.  Thank you so much for having that special prayer time for those of us who have sturggled to have a family!  I never could have imagined that in just over a year from being prayer for, our son would be born!  ~Kathy Tackett (2011)




"Can One Minute of Praise change your life? You bet it can! Can you spare One Minute? You can't afford not to!"
--Paula White
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